what happens in a session?

An individual session lasts one and a half hours and is in four stages:

  • Talking – Discussion with the therapist about how the client is and what they feel they need from the session 

  • Guided Relaxation – The therapist facilitates helping the client relax into a deeply relaxed state, using visualisation and breath work.  The client lies down for this and for the ‘journey’ whilst the therapist sits nearby in support. 

  • Journey with Music – This is to a selected pre-recorded programme of music, usually classical music, which lasts between 30-45 minutes.  The client ‘images’ to this music whilst in a deeply relaxed state and verbally describes the experience with the therapist as it is happening.  The therapist supports the client with the unfolding and deepening of the ‘imagery’ or journey experiences and also helps in connecting with the music.

  • Integration – The client is assisted in moving from the deeply relaxed journeying state back to normal waking consciousness and supported by the therapist in beginning to integrate the experience.  This is done through talking and also sometimes through making visual images using drawing materials.