frequently asked questions:

1. I find it hard to relax so would it still work for me?    

Don't worry - it is the therapist's job to help and specifically tailor the relaxation for you.  Sometimes, it is actually more powerful not to try to relax but instead to practice being with however the body is feeling and investigating this through the support of the session.

2. "Is it like hypnotherapy?"

Not really.  There is no suggestion during the relaxed phase of the session and so the mind is free to explore its own healing process by way of emotions, memories or images. ?In fact this is one of the things that makes Music Imagery Therapy so powerful, the idea that the mind, emotions and body have a built-in intelligence and know what they need to do.  A Music Imagery therapy session just gives the space and support for this process to work.

3. "Does it actually work?"

“Yes - in my experience most people say that 'it doesn't feel like therapy' and yet the benefits are measurable and long-lasting. I know from first hand experience that Guided Imagery and Music Therapy sessions are incredibly powerful, transformational and deeply therapeutic.” Anthony Hall, Guided Imagery and Music Therapist working in hospice care (see the evidence section).


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